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 I want to find out how to remove the stress causing ailments in my environment.  I want to find out how to add life giving "Chi" into my home.  I want to find out how to create the  desires of my life. I want to learn more about Feng Shui.

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Are you ready right now to start feeling successful and to be able to get ahead easily and effortlessly?
Do you want to have great communications with your children and spouse?
Have you been searching for a way to minimize the effects of stress and to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day?

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Science now knows that the quickest way to impact how the brain works is through the sense of smell.  Our aromatherapies has been created using the ancient knowledge of  herbs, flowers and spices and the effects of their aromas on behavior.  The ingredients of this specific aroma have been hand selected for their magical properties of attracting money and prosperity.  Click below to find out how you can receive a free bottle.

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Feng Shui "Success" Stories
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Utilize the Science of Aromatherapy to Harmonize Your Life
Aromatic, pure and natural essential oils and herbal tea based  sprays combining the ancient art of Feng Shui and the Shamanic Native Indian traditions to enhance your living and work space.
*  Each spray contains a quartz crystal to am
plify the overall benefits.

Feng Shui Information and Articles

Why Feng Shui?
Every day we go into the world to create and make our way, be it to a job or a business.  We enter each day with the attitude Click here


 "When Feng Shui Doesn’t Work"
You hired a consultant to complete the Feng Shui on your property.  The consultant gave you a list of cures   
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"Beginning Feng Shui, how to use the Ba-Gua & write Affirmations"
Most of us are unaware that we are being affected daily by energies (such as electro-magnetic fields) that we do Click here 

  Feng Shui Ailments and their Cures
Learn about the most common Interior Feng Shui ailments, why they are ailments, how to identify them and how   
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The Feng Shui Check List
Follow this quick and easy check list to make sure that you have done all of the Feng Shui basis.  Click here 

  Finding love thru Feng Shui  
The Life stations are an extension of you and what you are manifesting in your life.  They house the electromagnetic 
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Numbers & Their Meanings
How to fix the energy of your Address

In Feng Shui your address will reflect the type of energy that you will experience living or working in that property.  Listed   
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The Feng Shui Final Blessing

This ritual will complete your Feng Shui
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    Ba-Qua Mirror Placement
The ideal placement for the Ba-Qua Mirror is above the entrance to your home or office.  If this placement is not possible them place  Click here 

Crystal Balls
The main purpose of faceted crystal balls is to transmute energy.  The balls must be faceted and the size depends upon the size of    
  Click here 

magnetic Fields

Everything we know is an electromagnetic field in the disguise of what our eyes see and our brain translates for us.     Click here 

Feng Shui & Interior Design
Every day we go into the world to create and make our way, be it to a job or a business. We enter each day with the attitude       Click here 

Date of Birth and Feng Shui
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What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui translated, means "the way of wind & water" or "the natural forces of the universe." These forces affect everything  Click here 

A "Caution" on use of mirrors
This article gives you a listing of what to look for in your home on the use of mirrors and the effects of poorly placed mirrors.

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          Programmed Crystals
Natural formed crystals programmed by a Feng Shui Master... Click here 

Feng Shui 
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Feng Shui Products

Bamboo Flutes
Bamboo represents strength, endurance and power.  The flute is the creator.  The flute emits sound that goes on for infinity.  This     Click here 

Mirrors srorriM
Mirrors are one of the most utilized cures for Feng Shui ailments because they are so versatile.  Mirrors can be used to  Click here 

Fountains & Feng Shui
Translated, Feng Shui means the way of wind & water, the natural forces of the universe.  Tabletop fountains duplicated   Click here 

Find "Balance" with Feng Shui
Find Balance with Feng Shui...   Click here 


Feng Shui Kits & Basic Cures for Feng Shui
There are two forces in Feng Shui, "Sha" and "Chi".  Neither is good or bad, however too much of anything is not healthy for you.  Click here 

"Blow Out Sale" 
Feng Shui "T" Shirts
I Ching, Chi, 
5 Elements & Horse 
(the horse empowers women)

Energy Products and Instructions

Powerforms Products
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“We can align with our Higher Self… contribute love, balance, wisdom, and positive energy to everyone in our life… Click here 

"Personal Feng Shui Tools for 
Body & Soul"

This report explains each Powerform (Activator, Balancer and Portal) and shows how to combine them  ©2001 Powerforms Click here 


"Powerforms Healing Circuits 
Practitioner Info"
Triangulation of the Activator, Balancer, & Portal
To Help Us Create Optimal Wellness & Harmony for Self & Clients  

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The Art of Feng Shui

Seeds of Wisdom


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Feng Shui Practitioner Training

   "Sedona, one of the three most powerful places in the world"                                                                                       The Dali Lama

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